Media Release: Brisbane Activist Returns to Birth City for Reconciliation Week


Plaque acknowledging Wanthaurong Peoples in grounds of St Mary’s Basilica Geelong

MEDIA RELEASE: 29 May 2015

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Brisbane Activist Returns to Birth City for Reconciliation Week

Brisbane social activist and photographer, Tony Robertson will attend his first Koori  event in his birth city of Geelong this week.

Mr Robertson with some of his family members who live in Geelong   will attend  Reconciliation in the Park  at Johnstone Park on Sunday 31st May from 10.00am-3.00pm

Reconciliation in the Park is a collaborative event  supported by Geelong One Fire Reconciliation Group & Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative Ltd with The Gordon, Geelong Gallery & Narana Creations

“I am excited to join the celebrations  during National Reconciliation Week with the local  First Nations peoples  about  whom nothing was taught when I was a young student in Geelong in the 1960s.” he said.

Mr Robertson lived in Geelong from 1953 – 1971 attending school at St Patrick’s Primary in Geelong West and St. Joseph’s College , Newtown.

“This was an era when one of my local footy heroes was “ Polly” Farmer yet I never once heard any reference to his Aboriginal origins. Now when I visit Geelong I am proud to see  a public acknowledgement of the Wathaurong  people in the grounds of St Mary’s Basilica” he said.

Mr Robertson has photographed and documented First Nations peoples  in his home city of Brisbane  as well as a series in the Ltyentye Apurte (Santa Teresa) community in the Northern Territory. One of his Indigenous  political images has recently featured in an exhibition at the British Museum.

Mr Robertson said: “Although I am visiting Geelong for my Year 12 reunion, the opportunity to attend my first Koori event in my birth city marks another milestone for me “


Tony Robertson

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Supporting the Sovereign Tent Embassy in Brisbane

On the Land of the Nation gathered
The Elders of the Nation
The Youth of the Nation
The Children of the Nation
The People of the Nation
The Visitors to the Nation

In fact, it is the state, Territory and federal governments of Australia who should now be seeking legal advice on the true nature of the Aboriginal sovereignty claim as it will not be going away. Our assertion of sovereignty over this continent is real and legally just. It is in English Law, and the English and the Australians have no choice but to deal with it in a mature and just manner.

We expect that the Australian governments will now depend very heavily upon their police to terrorize our sovereignty movement, rather than speak to us as one would expect diplomacy would dictate. But the use of force will clearly demonstrate that each of the governments, from the Federal level down to the municipal councils, will demonstrate to the Australian public that they find themselves under siege. Consequently, they will choose to use superior force.

We are in the process of alerting Secretary-General of the United Nations to our sovereignty movement and are calling upon him to invoke UN General Assembly resolution 2625 (XXV)(A 8082) 24 October 1970, called:
The Declaration on Principles of International Law concerning friendly relations and co-operation among States in accordance with the charter of the United Nations.