Published Works in Text, Image and Media

QNews 24 April 2018

Catholic Leader Archive of quotes and images

Photo Gallery and text published by SBS in memory of Manmeet Alisher

Photography unacknowledged published Catholic Leader May 6 2016

Photography unacknowledged published  Catholic Leader September 25 2014

Photography acknowledged published Catholic Leader September 25 2014

Images used in Media Release for New Farm LGBTIQ Art Sculpture

Thanks to Mascara Literary Review who published my photo of Lionel Poetry in their feature story on this legendary Indigenous poet.

Photography unacknowledged published  by Catholic Leader 5 May  2013

Photography unacknowledged published Catholic Leader May 26 2013

My Portrait in Pride Art Show 2012 Facebook Note

Eureka Street Comment 22 January 2013

Eureka Street Comment 20 November 2012

Eureka Street Comment 26 September  2012

Eureka Street Comment 10 October  2011

Bishops Asked to Affirm Gay Worth Online Catholics Issue 52

Celebrating Christina The Astonishing Patron of Holy Irritants Catholica

Slideshow Collection

The Passion of the Christ on on Our Doorstep

Media Release re General Peter Cosgrove February 2013

Media Release Re Iraq War

Media Release re Doctoral Award for Gay Spirituality 9 May  2003

Media Release Supporting Bishop of Cairns May 2003

Cathnews Comments

Brisbane Archdiocese welcomes Message Stick (Photography)

ABC Interview  12 March 2012


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