About Tony Robertson

I acknowledge the traditional owners of Wathaurong Country where I was born and pay respect to Elders, past, present and emerging.

For those who are not text orientated I have provided some images

Tony the Gay baby
Tony’s First Photo

When i was born I looked like this.  I have been blessed with an extraordinary life rich in diversity, travel, politics, religion and the companionship and love of men and women. I have also had the most amazing opportunities to relate across generations as well as cultures. You can follow the progress of my hair and hat parade at this link.

My age now qualifies me to sit comfortably in seats on public transport reserved for “elderly, pregnant and person with a disability”. My working life could be described as diverse and exciting professional service in education and the community sector. My experience has included living in intentional communities, theological studies,community development training both in Australia and the Philippine and placement as a volunteer development worker in Papua New Guinea with PALMS.

I have been involved as a volunteer member of several NGO boards of management and continue to maintain membership of professional and community organisations in welfare and education.

Building on my experience, and deeply committed to principles of inclusion, equity and social justice. I believe I bring a highly creative and energetic presence to my work and social activities..

Two key roles which enable me to open up opportunities for justice making for individuals and groups are those of Community Jester and Storyteller.

‘The Jester is the ancient voice of protest and social reflection in the courts of power. In these times of economic rationalism and social pragmatism the Jester assists groups and individuals to critique and challenge the systems and structures that alienate people from decisions and power’

Similarly as the Story Teller Fella, using traditional and contemporary material, I have found tools to bridge cultural backgrounds, to engage an audience to find fresh meaning in their lives as children and others.

I also have a broad portfolio of work in social media and photography. This material reflects my passion for justice making and community development with Indigenous People and those from Refugee backgrounds.

I am a member of:


  1. Hello Tony
    I often read your posts on Cathviews and I’m always disappointed at the amount of homophobia that is rampant from most of the other posters. When I first came across the Catholic db it was the the one organised by Cathnews and, for the most part it was the most homophobic experience I have ever encountered. Every time I posted about my life and and relationship and how it was just as important and relevant as any one else’s life and relationship, I was vilified and had the most hateful bile spat at me. A lot of the time they would temper their assaults by stating that “it is the sin and not the sinner” nonsense but it all rang hollow.

    I am a gay man in my mid fifties and I am very comfortable with my sexuality and I adore my partner of thirty years. The catholic church is a hard nut to crack and it is doubtful that its attitude will ever chance.


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