Celebrating Anthony

Celebrating Anthony

One of the significant days of this month is June 13th, my name  day. My parents made sure I would spend my life gaining easy and instant recognition as a good Catholic boy by naming me after St Anthony of Padua whose feast-day falls on this day

Now this boy should not be confused with the many other holy Anthonys who have front row seats in the celestial realm:St. Anthony / Anthony / St. Anthony the Abbot / Bl. Anthony Baldinucci / St. Anthony Dainan St. Anthony Daniel / Bl. Anthony della Chiesa / Bl. Anthony Fantosat / Bl. Anthony Francisco / St. Anthony the Hermit / St. Anthony Ishida / St. Anthony Kauleas / Bl. Anthony Kimura / Bl. Anthony Kiun / Bl. Anthony Manzi / St. Anthony Mary Claret / St. Anthony Mary Gianelli / St. Anthony Mary Pucci / St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria Bl. Anthony Middleton /St. Anthony Nam-Quynh / Bl. Anthony Neyrot / Bl. Anthony of Korea / St. Anthony of Saxony /Bl. Anthony of St. Bonaventure / Bl. Anthony of Tuy / St. Anthony Pechersky / St. Anthony Peter Dich / St. Anthony Primaldi / Bl. Anthony Sanga / Bl. Anthony Turner / Bl. Anthony Vom

My “Anthony” is a one of Catholicism’s pin-up boys. He is patron for a number of a eternal chores including: against shipwrecks, against starvation, against starving, American Indians, amputeesanimalsassesbarrennessboatmenBrazildomestic animalselderly peopleexpectant mothersfaith in the Blessed Sacrament,  fishermen, harvestshorseslost articles,  lower  animals,  mail,  mariners, oppressed people, pauperspoor peoplePortugalpregnant womensailors, seekers of lost articles, shipwrecks, starvation, starving people, sterility, swineherds, Tigua Indians, travel hostesses, travellerswatermen In his spare time he poses for thousand of popular images and statues that adorn churches homes and religious houses.

Somewhere along the timeline he also featured in his own movie:

It’s always good to remember that saints are often given to us to admire rather than imitate.Anthony was part of the weird and wonderful world of medieval Catholicism  in the early 13th century. He died at 36 in 1231 and never had an intimate relationship. So far I’ve outlived him and have not found the queue for the call to lifelong chastity.

Anthony was a great public speaker and had a pretty sharp intellect. Catholicism has a quaint practice of awarding posthumous PhDs to smart cookies and Anthony eventually got his in 1946.

Iconography of the saints is a big business as Churches, Monasteries, Convents,Schools, Oratories, Retreat Centres,Presbyteries and the humble domestic house have all gone shopping for their heavenly personalities to decorate walls.Anthony has quite large choice for the buyer although these days the neighbours might raise their eyebrows at an image of a grown man swooning with a near naked boy. Despite an attempt to theologise the image I suggest it is one that has well passed its use by date. The icon used in this blog is from the work of Robert Lentz OFM.

Tourism is also part of every saints working life after death. Anthony has inspired a series ofChurches and Basilicas. In Melbourne the local Capuchins applied for an extension of their friary chapel back in the 1950s..By the time they finished Power Street Hawthorn was adorned with its very own Italianate Shrine to St Anthony.

I have also discovered that Anthony himself is on tour for special events. He last appeared in 2010when his less than attractive remains were taken for a lap of honour around his home base Basilica. Close up pic here.

Behind the saccherine hagiography lies the story of a man of faith and service, a man of his time with passion for truth, people and the needs of his era. Yeh, I still invoke him when things go missing and he has been part of my community of faith since my childhood days when his pic used to hang in my parents house over the bathroom door!!!.

So here’s a call out to all those who share variants of the name Anthony! Celebrate, eat some good bread, indulge in some Italian or Portugese wine and make a public statement about  your passions

Ronnie Gilbert RIP

Ronnie Gilbert

Ronnie Gilbert

My parents gave me an LP when I was about 12 years old, The Weavers at Carnegie Hall.The songs and spirit of this album formed my social conscience and inspired my commitment to singing and music.

It was the defining experience of t my life as the voices of Pete Seeger, Lee Hays, Fred Hellerman, Erik Darling ,Frank Hamilton, Bernie Krause and Ronnie Gilbert touched my heart from the family radiogram.

Last year I grieved the passing of Pete Seeger who will always be one of my life mentors and heroes. Today the very first item on my Facebook feed was from Pete’s grandson announcing the passing of Ronnie Gilbert.

The tears I weep are for the loss of an inspirational and talented woman as well as a voice that sang of life, passion, justice and human rights.Rest in the songs of life Ronnie Gilbert. Your voice for justice will live on in the recordings you made and in those who will carry your passion for justice and music to a new generation. Farewell great lady,may the angels sing you home to paradise.

I heard of Ronnie’s death via a Facebook message:

Kitama here, Pete & Toshi Seeger’s grandson.

If there is a heaven – Grandpa (Pete) and Lee Hays were there last night welcoming Ronnie Gilbert in with open arms. They probably sang all through the night together. Of all the people my Grandpa knew and worked with I always felt that Ronnie Gilbert shared my Grandpa’s vision of unwavering activism and took on new issues as she got older as times called for them in a way that very few others did.

Just as Grandpa took on the environmental movement, she became a champion in the women’s rights movement. They saw how all movements are connected and how you cannot be a champion of one without being a supporter of another.

The NYT wrote a great obit on Ronnie. But, before reading that, I’d like you to take a look at this concert from 1980 where the Weavers had a reunion concert at Carnegie Hall. FYI, Ronnie was a founding member of The Weavers with Grandpa, Fred Hellerman and Lee Hays.

Ronnie Gilbert will be missed and my heart goes out to her family.