Thiel Grant for Online Writing

Thiel Grant for Online Writing.

Criteria for selection

  1. Quality of idea. Unique and original concepts are encouraged. Projects should be sustainable, maintaining interest over 50 posts. (Assessed by 150-word pitch.)
  2. Quality of writing. Applicants with strong existing online and social media writing will be favoured, although this need not be extensive. (Assessed by link/s to applicant’s writing available online.)

Well,readers, what do you suggest I chose as a focus for this grant application? I have done my social media homework and have signed up to follow two of the judges via Twitter and  sent a friend request to Philip Thiel, even though we only have one mutual friend.

Thinking along lines of ‘Images That Open Your Eyes” with regular blogs from my daily observations through my phone lens.

Another thought is a series on the street that make up my work and home life. Quirky history, personalities and images!!

So, let the conversation begin!!

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