Recent Reflection: Lunch time Walk in Boundary Street

One of the advantages of working around West End is the opportunity to walk down Boundary Street and share in the spirit that keeps the suburb so exciting.Today was quite an adventure when I discovered that our Peoples Park has been fenced off for some reno work and new landscaping. The queue for the weekly food distribution by Community Friends looked a bit anxious as there usual meeting spot was out of bounds.

A quick call to council and the friendly staff at Helen Abrahams office provided all the information we needed to calm the masses.I will attempt to provide regular images as the work progresses.

There is quite a bit of activity going on at the moment with some funky developments at the Absoe market space and I also paid a visit to some of the local graffiti shrines.

With my trusty phone in hand I grabbed a few images for those who never get to see the sights in West EndWest End Community Association West End Community House West End Story Spaces West End Uniting ChurchThe West End MagazineWestender

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Tony Robertson's photo.

Construction work begins on the peoples park in Boundary Street

Tony Robertson's photo.
Tony Robertson's photo.
Tony Robertson's photo.
Tony Robertson's photo.

COSSAG Exhibition July 2014

John Doherty West end

John Doherty, West End Artist

John Doherty is a West End artist who is one of the contributing artisans at the Cathedral of St Stephen Art Group (COSSAG) exhibition this weekend at the Francis Rush Centre, next to the Cathedral of St Stephen in Elizabeth Street.

Opening Night on Thursday 24 July The Annual Cycle of Life Exhibition will be open Friday 25 July- Monday 27 July, 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

John has been a regular participant in the COSSAG exhibitions and his work often features St Mary MacKillop.In this image John stands with one of his works on display at West End Community House. The painting features 20th Century cultural figures including John Lennon and Audrey Hepburn alongside St Mary’ MacKillop. if you look closely at the image you will also see a passing tribute to one of the classic Queensland works of Mary MacKillop by Luke Roberts which now hangs in the Francis Rush Centre. Have a look when you visit the exhibition!!!