Homeless Persons Week 2012

As Brisbane gets ready to celebrate the annual Ekka Holiday and Australian sport fans celebrate Olympic Success another anniversary flew under the radar for most people. From August 6-12 many of us participated in Homeless Persons Week. The image I have chosen for this post is that of Jason, who features in a brilliant new short film from award-winning documentary maker Peter Hegedus. The 5 minute documentary entitled ‘Ending Homelessness – One Person at a Time’ has just gone live on Micah Projects’ YouTube channel, and combines Peter’s renowned cinematic techniques with state of the art production values to create a visual feast with a strong message.

Micah Projects also joined with partner agencies to provide an entertaining BBQ and get together for agencies, participants and the general public on Friday august 10 at Musgrave Park A great coverage of the days’ event  has been published by The Wire including interviews with myself, Yvonne Jones and Cassandra Roland. fell free to add some comments to teh site.

However,this week  Brisbane CityHall  hit the headlines with a news story about broadcasting Mozart’s Music in King George Square.  Bad decision Graham Quirk and your Tory mates. I say we all gather on the King George Square deck with a “Welcome” party for teens and homeless people who gather in this public space!!!

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