The Floods around my home, Fairfield Brisbane

This is an image of the  neighbourhood where I live at the peak of the January 2011 Flooding. My house is marked with the blue dot. The original set of images from across Brisbane can be seen here.

I have a set of images available in my Facebook collection of the impact of the flood in my suburb and the City of Brisbane here.

Back to my lovely little suburb, now battered and scarred with debris and memories strewn on roadways.

So aware of how fortune smiled on me and yet others have lost treasures.

The lack of power and gas seem  trivial against the loss of so much by friends and neighbours

We will not only rebuild the material loss, for my hope is that we rebuild a new community of compassionate relationships, deep respect and care for each other.

Again I give thanks for the concern and messages shared here by friends.

May blessings and peace sustain us all at this time!!

How to help: Volunteers in flood of support

Donate to the Flood Relief Appeal

One comment

  1. Good on you, Tony! Its the relationships that emerge out of this dreadful event that will sustain us and teach us heaps more about what’s truly valuable and important in life than if the flood never happened.

    Keep up the good work.

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