Supporting the “Fair Queensland Everyone Wins ” Campaign

Fair Qld Everyone wins
I suport this QCOSS Campaign. Will you join me?


  1. Fantastic, courageous, lovely Tony! What a marvellous blog, which has kept me going over many years, at first secretly, like Nicodemus, who sneaked into see Christ under cover of darkness, in case he was found out, and then later, a bit more like John of the Cross, with his splendid, mind-blowing assignation, having climbed out of his prison in the middle of the night to fall into the arms of Christ. Thank you for showing us that celibacy is NOT about NOT loving but in fact very much the opposite – about fun and laughter, the Son (and, yes, also the Sun!), the Spirit, and Justice and Mission and Love and Hope. May Christmas refresh and renew you for the upcoming year, which I hope brings many generous and good things for you and your immensely important and much appreciated work.

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