Easter Invocation

Welcome Refugees


May the blessings of the Easter Season surround us with courage and confidence. May we stand against the religion of Empire and proclaim the liberating anarchy of the teachings of Christ. 

May we roll away the stones of fear and prejudice in our lives.May we open our tombs and walk in the light of justice,compassion and solidarity with the poor of the earth.

May we sing “Alleluia” with voices that cry out against economic and political exploitation of vulnerable people.

May we walk gently on our mother earth in lives of nonviolence and find the harmony of life that is written in the stardust of our being.

May the love of the Easter story invade our hearts to welcome those who come to our shores as Refugees and Asylum Seekers.

May the mystery of the Easter story call us to live “Dadirri” in solidarity with the First Nations people of our land.

May we proclaim the Risen One by our public commitment to housing the homeless, feeding the hungry and thirsty, liberating prisoners,welcoming the stranger in our midst and standing against the powers of economic and political newspeak.


March Online Retrospective

Following the announcement by the Prime Minister  I have advised Mr Abbottf my intention to use the title “Dame” in my formal name. This honour is taken as a gesture of non gender discrimination.Have begun to add to the wardrobe for public and private appearances.

Please note that all introductions from now on should use the full title of Dame Anthony Robertson of Woolloongabba. Conversations should only be initiated by the Dame and the correct greeting is “M’Lady”

Photo: Have advised the Prime Minister of my intention to use the title  "Dame" in my formal name. . This honour is   a gesture of non gender discrimination.<br /><br />
Have begun to add to the wardrobe for public and private appearances.</p><br />
<p>Please note that all introductions from now on should use the full title of Dame Anthony Robertson of Woolloongabba. Conversations should only be initiated by the Dame and the correct greeting is "M’Lady"” width=”504″ height=”378″ /></div>
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There are times when Facebook delivers unexpected surprises. Alain De Botton and I are FB friends.This doesn’t mean we sleep in the same philosophical bed all the time. I love some of his insights. However, I must admit to being gobsmacked by his recent  description of Brisbane as offering “chaotic ugliness”. I even offered to take Alain on one of my photographic tours of our city to show him the beauty that is Brisbane in Stone and Glass
Perhaps the reports of his poorly chosen phrase have brought on a change of heart. On his twitter feed Alain;s description of Brisbane reads: A beautiful dawn breaking over Brisbane: peaceful, serene, exotic.
But the bonus for me was even though I had missed the public talk and the chance to get a signed copy of his latest work, I got an apology from the man himself on my Facebook wall: Alain De Botton Dear Tony, I do apologise,99% of brisbane is terrific,it;s just there are a few things that went a bit wrong in the zoning of the cbd…

Soundings a journal of politics and culture. Winter 2013 worth a read:

Hats off for the campaign to end Homelessness in  instagram.com/p/l8QRAtObeO/ 

Brisbane images

Just Dates April

Just Dates March


30 Neighbour Day

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Just Dates: January

World Day of Peace Message

Grameen Bank set up in Bangladesh 1977
21  World Hug Day (Peace Initiative)
26 Australia Day Indigenous Invasion/Survival Day /
27 Holocaust Memorial Day / Vietnam Peace Agreement Signed 1973

Christmas Greeting 2013

The Queen does it, the PM does it, Bill Shorten MP does it Campbell Newman does it and Church Leaders do it. So, welcome to my 2013 Christmas Message.I wish you the joy and hope of Christmas and invite you to join me in the work of peacemaking in 2014


In Memory of Madiba known in the West as Nelson Mandela

Madiba RIP

Madiba RIP

A tribute blog to one of the great human rights activists of the 20th Century. I am proud to stand in solidarity with world leaders and citizens who acknowledge the extraordinary contribution of one man to the cause of peace and justice for his country and the human community.

Rest in Peace Nelson Mandela. May we honour your legacy by our commitment to human rights and our willingness to challenge racism.


Just Dates December

World AIDS Day / West Papua National Flag  Day
International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

International Day of Disabled Persons

International Volunteer Day

International Civil Aviation Day

International Anti-Corruption Day

10 Human Rights Day

11 International Mountain Day

18 International Migrants Day

19 United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation

20 International Human Solidarity Day

October Retrospective


Campaign of the Month

The #Australian Government should boycott #CHOGM in #SriLanka as a protest against ongoing abuse of Tamil people. Thanks to Peter Arndt for  this update from his recent visit http://www.catholicleader.com.au/news.php/features/sri-lanka-still-unsafe-for-many_86949

Photography of the Month

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the opening of the Sydney Opera House I am publishing a picture which is now part of Australian History. The Catholic Leader published this photo of me with Damien Miller who was awarded the “AboriginalScholar of the Year” by the National NAIDOC Committee in 1993. Today Damien is accompanying the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Denmark, aka Freddie and Mary in his role as Australian Ambassador to Denmark.. Damien is the first Indigenous Australian to be appointed as head of an overseas mission. Hey, I have met some cool dudes!! http://www.dfat.gov.au/homs/dk.html
Damien Miller and Tony Robertson 1993

Damien Miller and Tony Robertson 1993

Just Dates: November

Supporting Men’s Health in Movember


1-19 19 Days activism prevention of abuse & violence against children/youth

6 International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict  

11-17 National Recycling Week

14 World Diabetes Day

16 International Day of Tolerance

17 World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims 

19 International Men’s Day / World Day prevention of abuse and violence against children and youth

20  Africa Industrialization Day

21 World Television Day /

23 Universal Day for Children

25 White Ribbon Day

29International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

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