Ash Wednesday 2016

Ash Wednesday 2016

Ash Wednesday 2016

On this day we wear the mark of the ashen cross to remind ourselves that stardust is our origin and our destination. We have a responsibility for right living with each other and our Mother Earth.

We carry the cross of suffering and pain inflicted by injustice and exploitation. We wear this mark to remember  the words and deeds of Jesus of Nazareth so that all may have life and have it to the full.

Repent is not a popular word and rarely makes it into the friendly game of Scrabble. Yet it is a life giving choice we make if we are to be agents of change and rewrite grace into history

Ash Wednesday calls us to repent of all that is not life giving at the personal and social in our choices. Repentance also demands a change of heart and practice if it is going to be effective.

This is the time to fast from inhumanity and cruelty. This is the time to put our prayer into action and our alms giving into justice making.

Let us be glad for the season of Lent
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Just Dates: February

New Year Greeting 2016

As my social media feed fills with New Year greetings I add my best wishes to the litany of optimism. This post is coming to you from the beautiful Fraser Coast bathed in glorious morning sunshine.

January 1st is also significant day for Catholic boys like myself as it once celebrated our common roots with Judiasm. Before Vatican II scorched a colourful calendar this day was the feast of the circumcision of the Lord. 

Now circumcision barsly makes it onto the scrabble board much less theological discourse. So for your edification and acknowledgement of this anniversary I offer this post published a few years ago.

The Eighth Day of Christmas: Beware of the Cutters

Just Dates: January


Christmas 2015


Catholic Missions Australia Christmas Card

As we celebrate the 12  days of  Christmas I greet my diverse social media  network with the universal message of peace on earth and good will to all.
I wrote this piece last year. It bears repeating just as our work of building peace and community is a constant refrain to life’s song.
May the ancient story of a child born in occupied territory open our hearts to the work of defending human rights.
May the birth of every child call us to our communal responsibility to protect children,to take them on wild adventures and to let them grow into the unique person they care called to be.
May the the image of a family forced to seek refuge and asylum far from their home inform our political choices as citizens of a global village.
May our messages of good wishes and happy holidays not blind us to the work of justice making and non-violence.
May the lights and decorations of the season remind us of our mission to bring light to the darkness and celebration to life.
May our gifting be generous as we remember those who live in situations of poverty and exploitation.
May we hear angelic voices singing our dream of peace on earth

Clancestry 2015


Clancestry, a Celebration of Country is an annual week-long festival celebrating the arts and cultural practices of the world’s First Nations Peoples, with a particular focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

The festival draws on rich spiritual culture and provides a space to learn about, and connect with, clan groups across the country and the globe. In presenting performances, workshops, free events and conversations, the festival celebrates a diverse and stimulating mix of the traditional and contemporary.

Since the inaugural festival in 2013, Clancestry has become one of QPAC’s signature annual events, recognised for its collaboration and interactions between the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, artists, industry and the public.

Some of the guest curators this year are friends I have known through  work with First Nations peoples. Fred Havea Bulanyi Leone Dame-Nadine McDonald-DowdNancy Bamaga

Clancestry 2015 Saturday 5th December

Yawar Sunday 6th December

Lament My Country

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Department of Immigration ends ‘inappropriate’ outings for children in detention run by nuns


Lament my country for you are no longer the land of the young and the free.
Lament my country for your silence will not drown out the cries of those in detention for no crime other than seeking asylum.
Lament my country for this Christmas the songs of angels have been deemed not appropriate by the powers of the empire.
Lament my country for you are no longer governed by integrity or justice
Lament my country for your heart is bleeding with grief and fear of what you have become
Lament my country.
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